Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Lifelong Learners

gift ideas for lifelong learners
Do you have someone on your staff or in your family who just loves learning?

Consider a gift that helps them continue to explore, study, and grow! Here at Maricopa Corporate College (MCOR), we know a thing or two about lifelong learners and have a few suggestions for great gift ideas this holiday season - or any time of year!

Audiobook Subscription Services

audiobook subscription services


Lifelong learners love to increase their knowledge through reading. Audiobooks make it easy to consume content on-the-go! Consider an audiobook subscription service as a gift for those learners who may need to pair their knowledge-building with a busy lifestyle.

While there are many wonderful audiobook subscription services, here are a few options:

Bookstore Gift Card or Book Subscription

bookstore gift card


If the learner in your life is more of a book-in-hand kind of person, consider a gift card to a local bookstore. We always encourage supporting independent book retailers as well as recycling through used book dealers.

Book subscription services make sure that your gift keeps on giving! Keep your lifelong learner engaged with one of those great options:




eReaders make reading easy - with access to new books in a matter of seconds. You can even download library books anywhere, any time! Favorite eReaders include the Amazon Kindle, Kobo eReaders, and Barnes and Noble’s Nook.

Museum Gift Cards or Membership

museum membership


Hands-on learners would love a gift card or annual membership to a local museum! Whether art, science, history, music, sports, or animals - there are museums and experiences for every type of learner. 




This environmentally-friendly, lined notebook allows the user to take endless notes by wiping the surface(s) clean with a damp cloth. User can also send handwritten notes to popular cloud services like Evernote, Dropbox, etc. to store electronically! A great gift for those learners who like to take notes or maybe just love to doodle. Check it out on Amazon.

Classes, Workshops, or Conferences

online learning


Access to classes, workshops, conferences, etc. are a great gift for learners who want to acquire new skills or enhance their existing knowledge on a certain topic. In-person and online options make this a unique gift and experience. If you aren’t quite sure what topics might interest the learner in your life, consider a online offerings like these:

If you’re looking to empower your entire team with the gift of learning in 2022, check out our blog, Training Opportunities For Your Team in 2022, to see what opportunities are available!

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