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#HappyChats: How Our Team Celebrated Success with Superhero Day

Learn all about how the quarantine, superheroes, and trivia games brought our team closer together in today's virtual world.
  • Nonprofit Organizations
    Sanford Institute of Philanthropy Blog

    5 Unique Examples of Local Nonprofits Adapting to the COVID-19 Pandemic

    The past several weeks have been difficult for all us, but despite all of the challenges, the nonprofits in our community have been doing incredible work!
  • Change Management
    Corporate Training Blog

    Six Tips for Becoming a Leader in Change Management

    Whether it’s during a global pandemic or just everyday life, becoming a change management leader is key to ensuring your team’s success and keeping employee engagement alive during challenging times and unexpected changes.
  • Time Management
    Sanford Institute of Philanthropy Blog

    Becoming a Time Management Superhero

    It seems like we’re always looking to improve our time management and productivity skills, which are more important than ever as we find ourselves stuck indoors surrounded by distractions. So what’s the trick for managing these?
  • women in philanthropy
    Sanford Institute of Philanthropy Blog

    Advice to Women in Fundraising from the Valley's Leading Fundraising Professionals

    Learning from the successes and mistakes of others can oftentimes be an excellent resource for our own success. 
  • Mindfulness
    Corporate Training Blog

    Staying Mindful in the At-Home Workplace

    Mindfulness in the workplace is important – but what about when our workplace is at home?
  • Fundraising for the Rest of Us
    Sanford Institute of Philanthropy Blog

    Panel Review: Fundraising for the Rest of Us

    There’s human services, religion, and education. For everything else, there’s this panel…and this panel review.
  • Celebrating the New Year
    Sanford Institute of Philanthropy Blog

    Panel Review: Start the New Year with 2020 Vision

    As 2019 comes to a close, we’re looking forward to a new decade full of innovation, fresh ideas, and goals to focus on.
  • Education Industry Partnerships
    Corporate Training Blog

    3 Reasons Why Education-Industry Partnerships Are Critical

    We hear a lot about employees looking for jobs and employers seeking qualified candidates - so how do we bring these two parties together?
  • Cause Selling vs. Fundraising
    Sanford Institute of Philanthropy Blog

    What Exactly is Cause Selling, and How is it Different from Fundraising?

    Working in nonprofits oftentimes means that we are less concerned with the “bottom line” or “selling” because that sounds like jargon for the corporate world. We generally focus on our cause (which is important) and our mission (which establishes why we fundraise in the first place). But how do we bring these two focus areas together? How do we combine the bottom line with our cause?
  • Networking
    Sanford Institute of Philanthropy Blog

    Keeping Up with Networks to Maximize Your Nonprofit’s Success

    Networks are at the heart of social capital and are important to achieve career success and organizational goals. Individuals improve their social capital when they can see and understand the connections between themselves and others within and beyond their workplace.
  • Networking
    Sanford Institute of Philanthropy Blog

    How to Boost Your Networking Skills and Improve Your Nonprofit

    There is an art to networking that will result in your power and ability to network. Let’s begin with defining the word itself: What exactly is networking? It is the purposeful building and maintaining of relationships for success.
  • Networking
    Sanford Institute of Philanthropy Blog

    How to Identify and Connect With Your Nonprofit Network

    So now you’re an expert networker - with practice, of course! But how do you decide who to network with? Simply put: Identify whose life you would like to be part of, both internally and externally to your organization.
  • Impact Breakfast
    Corporate Training Blog

    Impact Breakfasts: A Year in Review

    As 2019 begins to wind down, it’s time to review some of our favorite takeaways from this year’s Impact Breakfast topics and provide tips that you can bring to your team in the coming new year!
  • Storytelling
    Corporate Training Blog

    Three Things You Need to Know About Storytelling

    Storytelling is a great way to connect with others. It can help your organization identify its mission and values, hear directly from employees, and give your customers a personal connection to your company. With storytelling, we’re getting away from the idea of relying on transaction-centered relationships with customers and, instead, focusing on building human relationships through human stories.
  • Storytelling in Nonprofits
    Sanford Institute of Philanthropy Blog

    How to Use Stories from Your Nonprofit to Enhance Your Writing

    Grammar and syntax are all important parts of writing, but overall, the most important part of writing is to hone in on the stories that are most important to tell.