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#HappyChats: How Our Team Celebrated Success with Superhero Day

Learn all about how the quarantine, superheroes, and trivia games brought our team closer together in today's virtual world.
  • Storytelling
    Corporate Training Blog

    Three Things You Need to Know About Storytelling

    Storytelling is a great way to connect with others. It can help your organization identify its mission and values, hear directly from employees, and give your customers a personal connection to your company. With storytelling, we’re getting away from the idea of relying on transaction-centered relationships with customers and, instead, focusing on building human relationships through human stories.
  • Storytelling in Nonprofits
    Sanford Institute of Philanthropy Blog

    How to Use Stories from Your Nonprofit to Enhance Your Writing

    Grammar and syntax are all important parts of writing, but overall, the most important part of writing is to hone in on the stories that are most important to tell. 
  • How to Use a Call to Action to Help Your Donors Out
    Sanford Institute of Philanthropy Blog

    Why a Call to Action is Important to Helping Your Donors Out (and How to Use One Properly)

    One of the most critical things to know about marketing and writing is that you want processes to be easy for your audience to follow.
  • Writing for Nonprofits
    Sanford Institute of Philanthropy Blog

    How to Make Your Writing Sound Natural and Appeal to Donors

    Writing for your nonprofit can be tricky, simply because writing lasts forever in today’s digital age.
  • Writing for Nonprofits
    Sanford Institute of Philanthropy Blog

    Getting to Know Your Audience in Nonprofit Writing

    Writing can be challenging, but it’s an important part of our jobs that can’t be avoided. Between emails, donor letters, thank you notes, and presentations, writing is critical to any successful fundraising campaign. But how are you supposed to handle writing projects if you don’t feel comfortable with your writing?
  • Time management with calendar
    Corporate Training Blog

    7 Time Management Techniques to Get You Through Your Day

    With all the distractions available to us nowadays, it’s no wonder so many teams suffer from poor time management skills.
  • Calendar Closeup
    Sanford Institute of Philanthropy Blog

    Why Your Nonprofit Needs a Monthly Giving Program (And How to Get Started)

    Do you have a small monthly giving program that you’re looking to enhance? Or perhaps your organization doesn’t have one, yet? If so, here are some tips to help you get started!
  • Thanking Donors
    Sanford Institute of Philanthropy Blog

    How to Steward and Upgrade Your Monthly Donors

    In this blog, we will discuss ways to steward your monthly donors, which will increase their retention rate but it can also help grow their monthly gift.
  • Identify Prospects for Monthly Giving Program
    Sanford Institute of Philanthropy Blog

    How to Identify Donors For Your Monthly Giving Program

    When looking for donors who would best suited to engage with your monthly giving program, start by taking a look at your current and recently lapsed donors giving at a smaller level, particularly if they have donated more than once a year.
  • how to train millennials
    Corporate Training Blog

    3 Tips to Get Millennials Excited About Employee Training (And Why You Should Care)

    Studies suggest that the younger generation will make up 50 percent of the global workforce by 2025. So how do we get them excited about corporate training?
  • Follow Up
    Sanford Institute of Philanthropy Blog

    8 Steps to Tracking Your Follow Up and Retaining Your Donors

    Follow-up is arguably one of the most important steps of the cause selling cycle.
  • Maricopa Community Colleges Blog

    Maricopa Community College Student Finds Career at State Farm

    Brian Perez’s parents do not speak English. The 20-year-old grew up translating for them, a skill he uses in his new job with State Farm’s Customer Care Center (CCC) In Language Team at Marina Heights.
  • USAA
    Corporate Training Blog

    Tips to Launch Your Career at USAA

    As part of a partnership with the Maricopa Community Colleges and USAA, we hosted a webinar featuring Gay Meyer, USAA Vice President of HR. Gay shared a little bit about herself and her path to the company as well as some insightful information about work and life at USAA—so much great information that we knew we had to share it beyond those who were able to watch the webinar live.
  • Nonprofit Board of Directors
    Sanford Institute of Philanthropy Blog

    5 Ways Nonprofit Boards Support Fundraising

    It’s the job of every nonprofit board of directors to support the financial sustainability and health of the organization, so it’s important that they know what they can do.
  • Fundraising
    Sanford Institute of Philanthropy Blog

    5 Things Good Nonprofit Boards DON’T Do

    In my previous post, I discussed what your board should do to support your nonprofit’s fundraising efforts. Now, here are five things that a good board doesn’t do when it comes to fundraising: