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5 Trademarks of an Agile Organization

Agile Organization

Agile organizations - of any size and across industries - have five key elements in common. Discover what an agile organization is and learn about defining traits.

As a jumpstart into November, we hosted our Impact Breakfast: Being an Agile Organization. Along with a great turnout, we were inspired by Rajesh Sheelvant of Intel Corporation, who has dedicated over 20 years to practicing and working on an agile methodology.

Agile Organization

As our community continues to change, the need for businesses to adapt and respond to change is more crucial than ever!  Businesses are faced with the need to shift to a growth mindset that supports adapting the characteristics of an agile organization through strategy, structure, process, people, and technology. Read on to learn more!

What is an Agile Organization?

An Agile Organization is an organization that supports business agility. It’s an extension of agile software and lean practices, the ability to sense, adapt, and respond to changes throughout the entire business.

Here are 5 Trademarks of an Agile Organization


  • Shared Purpose and Vision
  • Sensing and Seizing Opportunities
  • Flexible Resource Allocation


  • Clear Flat Structure
  • Clear Accountable Roles
  • Robust Communities of Practice


  • Rapid Iteration and Experimentation
  • Standardized Way of Working
  • Continuous Learning


  • Cohesive Community
  • Shared and Servant Leadership


  • Evolving Technology
  • Next-Generation Technology

By moving toward an adaptable, value-based organizational strategy, companies will be able to more clearly see what is impeding the value flow to customers and can make more effective strategic decisions.

Ready to become an agile organization? Learn how through essential techniques in this recording of our November Impact Breakfast!

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