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Here’s Proof You Don’t Need Experience To Enroll In A Coding Boot Camp

Web Developer Boot Camp Graduates
What do an advertising professional/stay-at-home mom, a vending service tech, a middle school math teacher, and an automotive mechanic have in common?

They all recently started their web development careers with our Web Developer Boot Camp!

So, if you’re not sure if coding is for you, simply because you don’t have any experience, check out the stories of four recent participants in our in-person program to learn more about their careers before the boot camp and what they were able to create in just a few months.

Kari McMaster

Kari McMaster

Kari never thought of herself as a “techie,” but when it came time to rejoin the workforce after more than 8 years as a stay-at-home mom, she decided to try web development.

With a degree in advertising, a field that had changed greatly in the past eight years, she was faced with a big decision.

“I knew I would have to go back to school one way or another,” Kari said. “Either to go back into the advertising field….or to dive into something completely different, something that, now at 32 with a family of five, would work for our family.”

She decided web development would be a good fit because of the flexibility that goes along with it. She could continue to play a big part in her three children's lives, while being able to apply herself to a fun, meaningful career.

Coding also gave Kari the unique opportunity to combine her artistic skills with functional coding skills, a great combination that is evident in her final portfolio. Kari’s site features an HTML/CSS site about beach volleyball that she created just three weeks into the course, a “handy lil’ calculator,” and lots of humor. Her site also includes a fun meme-based compatibility quiz built using Javascript.

Bo Chen

Bo Chen

After working as a vending service tech for Kalil Bottling, Bo “hit the spot in life” when it was time to change career paths. He decided to pursue web development, and has already put together an impressive portfolio of both in-class projects and work he did as part of his internship with local nonprofit A New Leaf. Bo’s site includes a fully-functional, responsive website for MesaCAN (Community Action Network), a UFO Hunt game built entirely with CSS, and a JavaScript calculator.



Abhi Pandey

As a middle school math teacher, Abhi noticed that his students were particularly engaged whenever he incorporated games into his lessons. With that in mind, he decided to pursue web development in hopes of becoming an educational game developer and designer. “Instead of shunning technology from schools, I believe we can utilize technology to enhance the collective academic mastery of our nation's students,” Abhi wrote in his site’s bio. It comes as no surprise that Abhi’s portfolio site already features a math game designed to teach the multiplier effect. His site also features a responsive page about The Matrix, a blog, and additional work he has done outside of class.

Bryce Cleveland

Bryce Cleveland

Prior to joining this Web Developer Boot Camp, Bryce worked as an automotive mechanic. Despite his love of cars, he realized that he liked writing about them and building car-related websites more than he liked working on them. He built his first website, Dust Runners Automotive Journal, in 2014 using Wordpress to learn more about SEO and creating and curating content. A few years after making that website for fun, he decided it was time for a career change. Bryce’s portfolio site includes his original site from 2014 (which now receives thousands of daily hits!), a pong game that uses keyboard controls, a Javascript project called “Crazy Clicker,” and a blog about his web development journey.


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