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Impact Breakfasts: 2020 Reflections

Impact Breakfast highlights just for you
As we welcome 2021, it’s time to review some of our favorite takeaways from last year’s Impact Breakfast topics and provide tips that you can bring to your team in our new normal!

These quarterly events are the perfect way to network with the business community, learn more about the latest and greatest training topics, and explore opportunities within the Maricopa Community Colleges. Continue reading to reflect back on our Impact Breakfast topics and discover tips that you can implement in your work life today.


February 2020: Love What You Do. Creating a Meaningful Workplace Culture

We celebrated 2020 with an Impact Breakfast on how to create a meaningful workplace culture that will inspire your team to love what they do. Mallary Tytel, our instructor for this presentation, focused on workplace happiness. This attention to workplace happiness is important for retaining your employees, empowering your team, and boosting the effectiveness of your organization.

Our favorite takeaway?

We love the reminder to focus on the bigger picture and keep in mind that you and your team members are all part of something larger that extends beyond yourselves as individuals. Take some time to recall the intrinsic values that appeal to you most within the organization. That will help remind you why you love what you do.


April 2020: Leading and Engaging Your Virtual Team

Our next Impact Breakfast took place in April with our facilitator, Adam Brooks. Adam focused on how to keep your team engaged and how to effectively lead virtually from your own home. He also reminded us about the importance of establishing clear communication via video chats and phone calls to avoid misunderstandings among your team.

Our favorite takeaway?

The key to being a great virtual team leader is building trust within your team. According to Adam, honesty with your team members is the best policy. Share your rationale, feelings, and ideas to maintain transparency. You can also use a “buddy system” or personalized e-cards to ease your team’s fears and keep them engaged.


August 2020: Staying Stress-Free and Happy in Today’s Workplace

Our third Impact Breakfast focused on remaining stress-free and happy in a chaotic environment. Did you feel your stress levels rising while trying to survive the year for the history books? How can you maintain happiness for your team during stressful times? Carole Redden, the instructor for this event, presented tips to help your team maintain a work-life balance and inspire your employees to practice techniques for reducing stress.

Our favorite takeaway?

Focus on all aspects of your health (e.g. physical, mental, emotional,  etc.) and make practicing gratitude part of your daily routine. Using positive affirmations, setting SMART goals, and practicing mindfulness are proven strategies to increase happiness in people, which will help you cultivate a happier workplace – whether you’re virtual or in person. Carole recommended volunteering and giving back to others to help yourself be more relaxed. 


October 2020: Navigating Communication in Today’s Workplace

Our last Impact Breakfast of 2020 focused on effective communication strategies to keep virtual and hybrid teams connected. As organizations implemented new tools and programs to enhance collaboration, many teams wondered how they could keep up. Led by C.D. Cooper, this event was a great place to learn the tips and tricks of “Zoom etiquette”, ideas on how to improve emails, and ways to enhance your organization’s overall communication.

Our favorite takeaway?

Although many of us faced Zoom fatigue last year, most of us realized unspoken Zoom etiquette rules exist in the business world. C.D. explained those guidelines to improve your team’s virtual meeting experience. He advises everyone to mute their microphones, limit distractions, avoid multitasking, prepare materials ahead of time, use polling questions, monitor the chat box, allow for feedback, and position your camera for the best lighting and angle. 

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