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Product Spotlight: Digital Alumni Recruiting

Digital Alumni Recruiting
We know it can be difficult to find the right candidate, let alone fill your pipeline with qualified talent on an ongoing basis. So, what is our Digital Alumni Recruiting service, and how can it help you?

After hearing from employers that they needed easy access to more talent, we developed a recruiting solution: Digital Alumni Recruiting. This service is designed to connect you (our incredible hiring partners) with thousands of qualified Maricopa Community Colleges alumni through streamlined marketing and recruiting efforts. 

But first… Why “Digital” Alumni Recruiting?

We focus on reaching our alumni in a digital environment because, well, that’s where they are. Specifically, we focus on meeting our recently graduates on the platforms they are engaging with most: social media and email. In this way, our alumni recruiting services are streamlined, easier to track, and provide a higher value than other, more “traditional” recruiting tools.

Benefits of Digital Alumni Recruiting

Qualified candidates

Our alumni list is comprised of students that have graduated from one of our ten Maricopa Community Colleges. This means that everyone we connect with has college experience, an associate degree or academic certificate, and soft skill training.

Targeted market segment

While we have a large audience, our candidates more specifically match the skills and education levels you are looking for. Rather than putting dollars into events and recruiting tools to reach "anyone and everyone," our focus is on a more targeted demographic, meaning that you are more likely to find qualified applicants and spend less time sifting through resumes that don’t quite fit the bill. This saves you time and money and ensures that your recruiting dollars are spent more efficiently.

Data, data, data

We offer end-of-campaign reports, so you can see the results of your investment, how many impressions you achieved, how many people visited your dedicated landing page, and much more. We even offer meetings and status reports along the way for those clients who prefer to stay in touch throughout the lifecycle of the campaign. You want to see the return on your recruiting dollars, and we’re here to keep you informed every step of the way.

Complete customization

When it comes down to it, your recruiting solution probably doesn’t follow a one-size-fits-all mindset, and neither do our alumni recruiting packages. That’s why we customize everything for you. You have the power to customize your package based on your budget and your greatest needs. We even work customization into the campaign itself, which means you have control over the messaging we send out.

But don’t worry: if you’re not sure what your messaging should look like, or if you don’t know which Digital Alumni Recruiting components your organization needs, we are here to help with suggestions.

Components of Digital Alumni Recruiting

Sample Facebook Ad
An example of our dedicated Facebook ads.

Social media

This includes organic social media posts and paid social media advertising. We create a niche campaign that attracts your audience through Facebook and Instagram utilizing targeting data to define interests, job titles, and education levels that your organization is looking for. We do all of this through our own social media platforms, which means your job postings have access to our unique Maricopa Community Colleges alumni audience and the student population. We also partner with the District office and our ten colleges, which allows your brand to take advantage of this expanded outreach and appear on multiple channels district-wide.


We offer two types of emails: dedicated and collaborative. A dedicated email is an email we send to our alumni list that is dedicated just to your organization, which means your hiring needs are on full display. A collaborative email is a shared email between participating employers, where we put together a blurb about each organization and direct alumni to your job site, dedicated landing page, or other content. Our standard Digital Alumni Recruiting package includes two dedicated emails and five collaborative emails throughout the campaign. Emails are sent to a starting list of 5,000 MCCCD alumni, and employers can adapt the campaign to larger audiences, depending on need and budget requirements.

Sample Dedicated Email
An example of our dedicated emails.

Dedicated landing page

All of our social media and email traffic need somewhere to go, so we can either create a personalized landing page for your organization, or we can direct traffic back to your site. This landing page is your opportunity to highlight the benefits of a career with your company that will resonate most with our alumni.

Internal collaboration

Our community college system is huge, and admittedly, difficult for our employer partners to navigate at times. That's why we reach out to MCCCD Alumni Associations, Veteran’s Offices, Career Services, and our District office on your behalf to increase awareness of your brand and job opportunities through e-newsletters and other marketing tools.

Development of all marketing content

We have a team of dedicated marketers who are here to develop your messaging (unless you already have messaging you prefer to use), put together ads and organic social media posts, landing pages, Calls-to-Action (CTAs), web forms, emails, announcements, and more. Let us do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on interviewing, hiring, and retaining your talent.

Want to learn more about Digital Alumni Recruiting? Check out our Digital Alumni Recruiting page!

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