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What Triggers an Employee Training Need?

Training plays a vital role in developing productive employees, finely tuning processes to increase profits, and manage change.

Effective corporate training, designed specifically for your organization, can provide your employees with essential knowledge and skills while bringing with it a wealth of business benefits. Well-trained employees are an organization's biggest advantage since they get the essential work done so the organization can meet its business objectives.
When you strip away all the learning lingo associated with "training," it becomes clear that training really is all about change. Because organizations are continuously changing: changing techniques, strategies, people, goals, locations, processes, and equipment, all members of the workforce require training to support these changes.
Employee training is a process designed to assist an individual or group of individuals to learn new skills, gain new knowledge, and alter attitudes. As a result, these individuals make a change that improves their performance. This, in turn, improves the organization's overall ability to do things better, faster, cheaper, easier, and with a better return on investment.
So, what should you be looking for within your organization that triggers a training need? Here are three main triggers to watch for followed by an infographic with some examples for each one:

  1. Business Requirements: Usually tied to specific organizational behaviors to achieve an organizational outcome, objective or goal.
  2. Unit Performance: Usually tied to a specific task or job; what the employee must do to achieve the organizational goals.
  3. Individual Capability: Usually tied to a specific employee's need to learn something new in order to change performance.
Training Infographic

Think of training triggers in simple terms, whenever there is a need or change in work, worker, or workplace - some form of employee training and development is warranted. So, when you have identified a Business requirement need, a Unit performance need, or a Individual capability need - it's time to connect with the Maricopa Corporate College for next steps in your training needs analysis process.

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