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Custom ESL Courses Filled with Laughter and the Desire to Learn

Custom ESL Workers
Maricopa Corporate College (MCOR) customizes English as a Second Language (ESL) courses for Phoenix Valley companies and their employees in an effort to improve employee morale, job performance, and overall happiness, according to MCOR Director of Marketing.

MCOR, part of Maricopa Community College District, stands apart from its ten sister colleges for its specialization in customizing training programs for employees in diverse organizations, according to MCOR Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Patricia O’Brien. 

In short, companies hire MCOR to assess their organizational needs, develop a custom ESL course for their employees based on their daily operational duties, and finally, teach employees the English language and vocabulary they will be using on a daily basis.   

“This workshop is designed to identify the tools, techniques and language needed by employees to effectively communicate with colleagues and customers within the daily work environment,” O’Brien explained. 

This summer, MCOR completed its third year of customized ESL training for The Village Health Clubs & Spas located throughout the valley.

Maria Eugenia Zambrano, an instructor at The Village Octillo and Camelback locations said that throughout this summer’s seven-week course, her classroom was filled with laughter and the desire to learn.

“Once they get to know you and are able to communicate, they enjoy it; they laugh at and recognize their mistakes and they help each other so much,” Zambrano explained. 

Unlike the regular school setting for ESL courses, MCOR literally brings the English language into the workplace by hosting classes at each of the four Village Health Club locations. This way, employees can simply clock-out of work and go straight to class without ever leaving the building. 

Courses held at The Village tend to be smaller in class size and older in age with a greater eagerness to learn, compared to the school setting, according to Zambrano. 

MCOR believes it’s important that companies offer ESL courses to their employees because employees feel appreciated and valued when their company invests in training programs to help them in the workplace, O’Brien said. 

“Employee engagement and happiness increase when people are better equipped to perform their jobs,” O’Brien said. “Employer, employee and customer all win with the ESL training courses as communication gaps narrow and efficiency and customer service improve.”

One of the most important points that Zambrano wants to get across to her students is the idea that they can always keep learning, no matter what their age.

“I feel very inclined to let my students know no matter how old you are, you can succeed…The idea is they feel no matter how old they are, they continue in their education and it’s not too late,” Zambrano said. 

Health clubs are one of several industries including grocery, hospitality, healthcare and manufacturing that contract with MCOR to analyze the culture of their organization and cultivate an ESL curriculum unique to their workplace. 

In addition to The Village, MCOR provides ESL classes to employees of Marriott as well as a Spanish as a Second Language program for supervisors and managers at  Los Altos Ranch Markets. 

Maria Zambrano; (623) 451-0137
Patricia O’Brien (480) 377-2720

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