ESL and Conversational Spanish

Diverse group of people communicating.

Bridge the communication gap in your organization by providing ESL and Conversational Spanish training solutions to your team.

Offering ESL and Conversational Spanish together is a great way to help bring your team together and create cohesion within your organization. Not only will your employees have the chance to learn from some of our best ESL instructors, but your managers and leaders will have the opportunity to learn Spanish in a way that helps them connect with their teams more effectively.

In our ESL classes alone, we have achieved an average learner satisfaction score of 93.6%, and for Conversational Spanish learners, we have received a 92% average satisfaction rating. If learners can achieve this kind of success and understanding in just one class, imagine the impact we can have on your entire organization by offering both courses together. Studies have shown that productivity levels improve by 20-25% in organizations with employees that feel connected to each other and to the workplace. Let us help your team communicate with one another and better voice their successes, challenges, and vision for the future.


Our ESL & Conversational Spanish package offers numerous benefits that will not only improve the effectiveness of your entire organization but increase the camaraderie among teams.

  • One-on-one time with experienced instructors to identify areas of improvement
  • Customizable classes with an emphasis on common industry phrases and vocabulary words 
  • Group discussions to facilitate practice in a realistic setting
  • Access to pre- and post-assessments to target specific needs and gain feedback from employees
  • Convenient, on-site training delivery

Looking to offer only one of these courses? Check out our individual ESL and Conversational Spanish products for alternative training solutions!

Location Flexible: on-site, on-campus or custom
Course type In Person
Start dates TBD
"Working with the Maricopa Corporate College team has always been a positive experience. The trainers do a fantastic job at incorporating company initiatives and culture into the programs they deliver and are always engaging and professional. Orora will continue to utilize Maricopa Corporate College to supplement our training and development needs and I would highly recommend their services."

Debbie Staats, Regional Human Resources Manager, Orora Business Service Center

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