Interpersonal Communication

Communication is more than speaking, hearing, or even having a good vocabulary. This course explores strategies for success in everyday interpersonal communication. You'll explore clear examples of verbal and nonverbal habits, effective listening, self-concept, differences in cultural and gender conversation styles, and conflict management. You'll also gain practical strategies you can use today to improve communication at home, in social situations, and in the workplace. If you want to strengthen personal behavior and develop strategies for creating positive communication climates with family, friends, and business associates, you're sure to find this course invaluable.

Fee $125
Start dates ‌​Mar 13, 2019 ‌​Apr 17, 2019 ‌​May 15, 2019 ‌​Jun 12, 2019

Instructor Bio

Laurel Bragstad combines her understanding of communication theory and human relationships to design curriculum in interpersonal communication, public speaking, journalism, persuasion, and theory and research. With a Master of Arts degree in interpersonal communication and rhetoric, she has taught a wide range of courses to undergraduate and graduate students. Her publications include several articles in ETC: The Journal for the International Society of General Semantics, a chapter in Classroom Exercises for General Semantics (published by the International Society of General Semantics), and a novel entitled In the Comfort of Shadows.