Introduction to JavaScript

If you've already mastered HTML and CSS to create websites, then you're ready to add power to your programming with JavaScript. This programming language lets you add interactivity to your pages by adding features such as buttons, picture carousels, and collapsible panels to your Web pages. You'll start with the basics of JavaScript code and go on to master more advanced topics, with plenty of hands-on practice along the way to give you the experience you need to truly understand JavaScript. And you'll also learn about jQuery, the immensely popular "write less, do more" JavaScript library that expands your creative prowess in no time at all. This course is written for those who already are familiar with HTML and CSS.

Fee $125
Start dates ‌​Mar 13, 2019 ‌​Apr 17, 2019 ‌​May 15, 2019 ‌​Jun 12, 2019

Course Requirements

A test editor or authoring tools for writing HTML and CSS code, and the knowledge to use that too. Students should also have a good understanding of HTML and CSS prior to taking this course. Successful completion of Introduction to CSS3 and HTML5, and Intermediate CSS3 and HTML5 highly recommended.

Instructor Bio

With over 100 published books to his name, award-winning author Alan Simpson is widely regarded as a computer and Internet guru. His books have been published throughout the world in over a dozen languages. Alan is a seasoned veteran of the computer industry, and his books and online courses cover virtually all aspects of the computer industry, including Web development, operating systems, word processing, spreadsheets, databases, programming, networking, and security.