Digital Alumni Recruiting

Digital Alumni Recruiting

Connect with thousands of qualified Maricopa Community Colleges alumni

Let us attract top talent for your organization! We will promote your career opportunities and highlight what makes your organization a great place to work. We use the latest digital marketing techniques and recruiting tools to connect our qualified Maricopa Community Colleges alumni to your open positions. 

Meet Candidates Where They Are

By focusing on digital strategies, we meet our alumni where they are. Our Digital Alumni Recruiting service will increase awareness of career opportunities within your organization and drive interested candidates to your jobs website! We offer a variety of customized options to meet your needs:

  • Customized landing page to highlight your careers
  • Targeted paid advertising and organic social media posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter
  • Strategic email marketing campaigns to MCCCD alumni
  • Video and blog content to drive engagement
  • Outreach to MCCCD alumni, career services, and veterans center representatives
  • Update meetings to keep current with your evolving needs
  • Analytics and dashboard reports to ensure maximum ROI  

What Our Clients Are Saying:

“Our partnership with Maricopa Community Colleges is critical because it allows us to stay in touch with MCCCD alumni as they move through their careers and life. USAA is always seeking top talent in the valley and we believe that students who attend Maricopa Community Colleges bring a wealth of knowledge to our business and the experience we provide our members.”

- Gay Meyer,  AVP of HR Operations, USAA