Managing your Business and Staff in the Dynamic COVID Environment

Come in, we're open
Now is not the time to go it alone! With constantly changing policies/requirements you want leading-edge advice to make the best decisions.

As businesses continue to navigate the uncertain times that COVID-19 has created, join LegalShield and Davis Miles McGuire Gardner, PLLC to learn what business leaders and HR professionals need to be thinking about now:

  • How does COVID-19 pay work? Do I need to pay it? How do I calculate the pay?
  • I’ve paid my employees COVID pay. Now how do I get my tax credits?
  • My employee wants time off for COVID-19. What information am I allowed to ask?
  • What should I do when I learn my employee has been exposed to or diagnosed with COVID-19?
  • Am I allowed to require my employees to take the COVID-19 vaccine?

Special Guest speaker Amy Tilchen from Davis Miles McGuire Gardner, PLLC has been guiding businesses through Employment Law, Administrative Law, and Civil Litigation for over a decade. Let her help you avoid costly mistakes.

Date Mar 04, 2021
Time 8:30 AM — 10:00 AM
Event Type Webinar