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10 Useful Apps for HR Professionals

10 Useful Apps for HR Professionals
As an HR professional, what phone or computer apps have been the most useful?

To help you discover the most useful HR-related applications, we asked HR leaders and tech professionals this question for their best insights. There are several useful phone and computer apps that may help you manage your tasks more effectively and efficiently.

Here are 10 useful apps for HR professionals:

  • 8x8
  • Airtable
  • Applicantstack
  • BambooHR

  • DocuSign

  • Hibob

  • Officevibe

  • Preciate

  • Qwick

  • Zapier


The 8X8 app allows me to communicate with coworkers, employees, and retirees using my personal cell phone. If someone needs to contact me, they can call my work extension, and the app will route the call to my cell phone. The app also allows you to send text messages and see everyone's availability before calling. It works just like your personal cell phone, but you don't have to expose your personal number to internal or external customers.

- Annette Harris, Harris Financial Coaching


Every HR professional should have a simple and fast application to track company employee work hours across various projects, while also having access to tools for applicant tracking, employee onboarding, recruitment, and beyond. Airtable is a great choice for working collaboratively with employees, HR teams, and senior leaders and completing a multitude of HR functions. Incorporating Airtable or another collaborative HR platform on your computer and/or phone will help you successfully customize workflows, build high performing teams, track projects, and achieve goals.

- Adam Shlomi, SoFlo Tutors


The ApplicantStack Software App is by far the most useful HR app I've come across in my years as a HR and career expert. With this app, applicant tracking is automated, efficient, accurate, as well as less time and cost intensive. My team and I can track multiple open positions at the same time, screen tens/hundreds of candidates quickly to find the most qualified, and post job openings across several online job boards in an instant without having to log into each platform. Moreover, the app allows us to communicate effectively with the applicants, enabling us to give them regular updates on the progress of their applications as well as our hiring decisions.

- Brian Snedvig, Jofibo


Bamboo HR is my go-to platform because it collects and organizes everything I need to do my job in one place. As our company grows so does our need for hiring tools with applicant tracking and virtual onboarding systems - I’ve leaned on BambooHR a lot through the process. 

Plus, it helps track company-wide employee data, time tracking, benefits, payroll, and so much more. We can run powerful analytics with the click of a button and access all the data from one place.

- Samuel Devyver, Easy Llama


I used DocuSign before COVID, but once we started working remotely, it has been a lifesaver. This has been a great way to have our employees sign documents, automatically route to the next person and everyone gets a copy of the final signed document! I like the ability to use it from my computer, but more importantly from my phone, especially when needing to get a document signed after hours or when you are away from the computer. All my team now uses it for increased efficiencies and streamlining our processes. ScannerPro and PhotoScan are also great to scan documents, receipts, etc. and keep everything electronic.

Patty Hickok, NANA Regional Corporation


We use the HR management system tool called Hibob, which helps us keep a careful eye on the company’s growth and its employees. It allows us to track all HR processes and makes it much easier both for our employees and us. Each team member has access to their personalized holiday calendar, payroll information, employee directories, and other valuable data. People can book their holidays with the help of the mobile application, request a sick day, or give a shoutout to a team member to celebrate a significant achievement, which significantly automates our processes. It’s essential to us now since we are currently growing very fast, and the whole HR team must be reactive and coordinate all our actions as efficiently as possible.

- Ewelina Melon, Tidio


OfficeVibe is a desktop application used to foster a positive corporate culture. It offers numerous resources and features, such as anonymous surveys, data analysis, and ideas for 1-on-1 meetings. By using it, I can track and improve employee satisfaction overall. When working remotely, it's irreplaceable.

- Rafal Mlodzki, passport-photo online


Virtual meeting platforms and apps, such as Preciate, help create more dynamic virtual meetings. Instead of being glued to a seat in front of a screen, you can move around within the virtual room, creating a more natural experience that increases the bonds between participants. Preciate enables more socializing to happen during a virtual meeting experience. A more realistic atmosphere helps people express themselves fully, leading to stronger relationships.

- Ed Stevens, Preciate


Staffing needs have changed dramatically over the past couple of years, and flexibility is the key to keeping up with the changes. With Qwick, worries about understaffing in the foodservice and hospitality industries can be a thing of the past. Employers are able to use the Qwick app to connect with vetted, qualified, local candidates on-demand, and get shifts filled quickly. With Qwick, businesses can find staff in minutes, rather than days or weeks.

- Jamie Baxter, Qwick


I love what Zapier brings to the table. As the ultimate "bridge-builder" between literally thousands of other apps, it makes my life infinitely easier by automating the most repetitive tasks, especially between unrelated apps. 

If I had to choose only one app it would be this one. Whether you work in HR or not, you'll be glad you took the time to set up (and effectively outsource) the most mundane tasks you'd otherwise have to do manually.

- Peter Bryla, Zety

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