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The SBDC is No Longer Considered the Best Kept Secret!

Arizona Small Business Development Center
Have you heard of the SBDC? That stands for the Small Business Development Center. We boast of having over 1000 centers all over the USA and yet I still hear occasionally "What/Who is the SBDC?"

Due to the pandemic, ten's of thousands of small business owners became very well acquainted with our no-cost counseling services and resources. A year and a half ago it was "All Hands On Deck" in our Maricopa Small Business Development Center here in Phoenix Arizona, as I'm sure it was across the continent! It has slowed to a dull roar as we are now assisting our clients with the PPP forgiveness process. What is exciting to see now, are all of the businesses that have come out on the other side and are in growth mode! Our center's experienced Business Advisors have been busy sharing best business practices on all the facets of successful business operations. From how to understand their cash flow position to adjusting their operations to pivot in the wake of the economic tsunami known as COVID-19.

It's our mission to guide, educate and support small business owners as they launch, grow, and sustain their businesses. And since we're not a secret any longer, let me tell you that we assist long established businesses, not just start-ups! If you need some market research done so that you can decide WHETHER to expand or WHERE to expand or if you just want to know how your business measures up to your competitors, the Maricopa SBDC is the FIRST place you should stop! We have resources galore at no-cost!

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Okay, okay, I hear some of you saying, "No way are they giving all of that away for free!" In a way you're right... Because we are federally funded in part by the SBA, your tax dollars have already paid for it! Additionally, our offices are hosted on the Maricopa Community Colleges campuses and we have productive partnerships with the City of Peoria and the Arizona Commerce Authority. Plus, we have a fantastic relationship with our AZPTAC team (Arizona's Procurement Technical Assistance Center) to assist you with your government contracts! (Psssst... we also have experts on staff to help with your export and import needs!)

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But, if you're like me, numbers are fun and statistics get you excited... here you go!

Maricopa SBDC 2020 Economic Impact

We are ready to help more small businesses achieve their goals! One last 'secret', we currently have four former Commercial Bankers/Lenders on staff that can help clients get "Lender Ready"! We don't loan the money, that's your bank's part to play. We just know what a good set of financials and a loan package looks like. The only thing that's missing is a big red bow on the loan package!

When I was a Commercial Lender, I would send many of my clients to the local SBDC because I knew I would get back a much stronger client with great projections! Now, I am on the flip side, getting to do what I didn't have time for before; in depth counseling of businesses and watching their dreams come true!

So what are you waiting for?? Share the secret!

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