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Corey's unique blend of experience in psychology and business have positioned him as an innovator and thought leader specializing in professional development in the areas of communication, motivation, leadership, learning and performance improvement. Corey has obtained an undergraduate degree in Human Communication and a Master’s degree in Psychology. He also holds the following certifications: Certified in Advanced Motivational Interviewing and Behavior Change, Certified Master Communicator, Certified Performance Communicator, Certified Neurolinguistic Practitioner, Certified Prosci Change Management Practitioner.

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    Super Bowl LII
    Corporate Training Blog

    4 Things the Super Bowl Can Teach Us About Corporate Training

    Super Bowl LII between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles was one for the record books in many ways. This was the Eagles' first Super Bowl win, Nick Foles became the first player in NFL history to both throw for and catch a touchdown in a Super Bowl, and a few other historic milestones.
    Leaders are learners
    Corporate Training Blog

    3 Things You Should Know About the New Era of Emerging Leaders

    With the convergence of a multi-generational workforce, constant technological advancements, a geographically dispersed workforce, and younger leaders, a new era of leadership is emerging.
    Recent graduate at work
    Corporate Training Blog

    5 Expectations New Grads Will Have as They Enter the Workforce

    As graduation season is upon us, a new batch of ready and willing graduates will be entering the workforce. For many of these graduates, they have amassed knowledge and experience and are entering the workforce with some specific expectations.
    Learn and Lead
    Corporate Training Blog

    7 Things You (as a Leader) Must Do to Increase Learning in Your Organization

    There are many ways a leader can increase learning within his or her organization with a mix of formal and informal actions. Here is a quick list of 7 important things you, as a leader, can do to increase learning within your organization:
    Corporate Training Blog

    What Triggers an Employee Training Need?

    Training plays a vital role in developing productive employees, finely tuning processes to increase profits, and manage change.