Upskill Your Star Performers

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Web Developer Boot Camp Seat Sponsorship

Looking to fill Web Developer positions in your organization? Rather than incur the costs of recruiting, hiring, and onboarding new employees, why not upskill your star performers?  

Do you have employees who are interested in technology, or interested in advancing their technical skills? Now you can prepare them for new roles and sponsor their seats in our Web Developer Boot Camp!

Benefits of Sponsoring an Employee's Seat

Sponsoring employees' participation in a boot camp opens up several opportunities for your employees and your organization such as:

  • Sharpens and enhances your employee’s skills
  • Provides the opportunity to network and share best practices with individuals from various industries with similar interests and expertise
  • Demonstrates that the organization values their employees
  • Increases employee retention

Sponsorship of this boot camp also includes a number of brand awareness/marketing opportunities including:

  • Your company’s logo included on program materials and landing pages through duration of program. 
  • Public recognition as MEGA Sponsor at the Demo Day
  • Logo/company mention in boot camp-related social media
  • Your company featured in a participant success story and shared with our community and tech partners

Learn more about our different sponsorship levels here.