10 Tips to Energize Your Remote Work Experience

Wednesday, May 15, 2024
10 Tips to Energize Your Remote Work Experience

Whether you're just starting out with remote work or have extensive experience, it's important to note that working from home can take a toll on your energy levels. With no colleagues to share your workspace or office errands to keep you moving, it's easy to be glued to your desk for hours without realizing it. Before you know it, your motivation may run low.

There are many benefits to remote work. It enables working parents to better manage school and extracurricular activities for their children; it can be more environmentally friendly and cost-effective; it creates job opportunities for individuals in underdeveloped areas where work options may be limited. However, it may require some adjustments to your daily routine to fully maximize the experience. Keep reading for helpful tips on how to maintain your energy levels and stay focused when working from home or other remote locations.

1. Create a healthy routine

There’s a difference between establishing a routine and falling into repetitive patterns. Repetition has the potential to lead to boredom and burnout, while a well-balanced routine can help keep your mind sharp and your motivation levels high. A solid routine includes taking breaks for meals, allocating time away from screens, and giving yourself moments to recharge your mind and body. If you are limited on space, you may want to explore the option of an adjustable standing desk, allowing you to alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day. Another option some professionals choose to incorporate is an under-desk treadmill, which they use during meetings to stay active and maintain their energy levels.

2. Designate your workspace

Consider setting aside a dedicated workspace that is separate from your usual living areas. This can greatly contribute to achieving a healthier work-life balance. If you find yourself working in spaces where you also eat, exercise, watch TV, etc., make a conscious effort to keep work separate from these activities.

3. Take breaks

With the absence of casual chats with colleagues, trips to the vending machine, strolls to the restroom, and visits to the drinking fountain, it can be tempting to remain glued to your desk for hours on end. Remember to take a moment to stretch your legs and step outside for a brief break to rejuvenate. Consider trying out the Pomodoro Method, which provides the following routine for effective time management:

POMODORO Technique

4. Choose YOUR best environment

"Remote work” doesn't always mean working from home. If you have the flexibility to choose, and you find that working from home may disrupt your work/life balance, explore other potential work locations. If you enjoy some background noise, a cafe could be a great option. If you prefer a quiet, spacious environment, the public library might be more suited to your preferences. Remember to check with your employer regarding secure wifi and approved locations.

5. Make the experience fun

Just because you’re not in-office with your coworkers, it doesn’t mean you can’t still find ways to connect. If schedules allow, consider setting aside a few minutes to have a virtual meeting to talk about weekend plans or play an online game together. If distance and circumstances permit, orchestrate an in-person potluck, service project, or other team-building event. Some teams set aside designated amounts of time for working over video chat, with cameras on, just so that they can feel more connected.

6. Set goals

Set motivating goals for yourself. Oftentimes with in-person work, you’ll have accountability to your manager or team. While this can still be true with remote work, it can be more challenging when they aren’t working right next to you, possibly collaborating on the same project at the same time. Make sure your goals are achievable and communicate openly with your team about what you aim to accomplish each day. Don't hesitate to ask for assistance when needed.

7. Take pride in your workspace

As you will be the sole occupant of your deskspace, express yourself in the way you decorate it! Don't hesitate to add personal touches to create a space where you look forward to spending most of your day. If you have a home office, consider adding wall decor to infuse the room with energy. Think about vibrant paintings, plants, or posters from your favorite movie. Some professionals even find joy in having desk toys like fidget cubes, puzzles, magnets, and more.

8. Reward yourself

There's no harm in treating yourself after a job well done. Consider rewarding yourself with activities like taking your dog for a walk, reading a chapter of a captivating book, piecing together a jigsaw puzzle, preparing a healthy snack, etc. Remember to look forward to something at the end of each task, which will help you stay motivated to complete your work and move closer to your well-deserved incentive.

9. Dress the part

Even though your “office” environment may lack human interaction, it's important to prepare yourself mentally for the workday. While you don't have to dress in formal attire, changing out of pajamas and into something more work-appropriate can help you stay focused. Additionally, being ready for those spontaneous meetings, even if it's just via video call, can make a big difference!

10. Take chances

Feeling stuck in a routine? It could be a good time to shake things up! If you’re interested in sharpening your skills or learning new ones, have a chat with your manager about fresh ways to make a difference on the team. While some people enjoy doing the same tasks regularly, others thrive on the thrill of taking on new projects. 

If you feel like your environment is putting you in a repetitive rut, try working elsewhere (if permitted). You might set aside one day a week where you work from a library instead of your home, or even just move rooms within your living space. A change of scenery can rejuvenate the mind and boost productivity.


There are lots of ways to make the most out of your remote work experience. Keep the energy high so that you can be both productive and healthy!