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Upskill Your Team With Impactful Corporate Training

At Maricopa Corporate College (MCOR), we are dedicated to catering to the demands of the local IT sector through a diverse range of over 20 enriching workshops, a vast selection of online professional development courses, comprehensive hiring and recruitment assistance, and customized training solutions.


Popular Skill-Building Workshops for Information Technology Clients

Our extensive workshop collection offers over 20 ready-to-deliver training topics designed to meet the most common needs of organizations. These workshops can be conducted in 2- or 4-hour sessions for groups of employees, either at your location, ours, or in a virtual setting for hybrid/remote teams. Here are some of the most sought-after training sessions among employers in your industry:

Popular Skill-Building Workshops for Information Technology Clients

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Leadership Essentials

Leaders at any level can benefit from this workshop designed to enhance their communication and active listening skills, empowering them to grow within your organization and foster a positive team atmosphere.

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Diversity and Inclusion

Employees at any level will gain an understanding of how practicing inclusion and removing diversity-based bias can improve an organization’s working dynamics and remove barriers to effective communication.

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Change Management for Leaders

Supervisors, managers, and change agents will learn best practices for leading their organization through effective change management, and explore solutions to change resistance and adaptation.

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Time Management

Employees will discover practical strategies for reducing interruptions and making the most of their time, establishing achievable objectives and strategies, and enhancing their personal efficiency.

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Design a Custom Training For Your Organization

In search of tailored training solutions that align with your team's business objectives? Simply complete the form located at the bottom of this page, and one of our dedicated Corporate Partnerships representatives will reach out to you to discuss your training and development needs.

Featured Online Courses for Information Technology Employees

If you're seeking to support individual employees or a small team in enhancing their skills for their current role or transitioning into a new position within your company, our online courses could be the perfect solution for you! Our offerings include a variety of courses, from quick skill-building courses to in-depth training programs aimed at helping employees obtain professional certifications.

Featured Online Courses for Information Technology Employees

Recruitment Support For Information Technology

Our information technology industry partners often seek our assistance not just for upskilling their existing workforce, but also for identifying and attracting new talent. Through our collaboration with the Maricopa Community Colleges, you can access a rich pool of diverse students and alumni from our network of 10 Colleges.

Recruitment Support For Information Technology

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Recruit MCCCD Alumni

With our Digital Alumni Recruiting service, you can create a collaborative digital marketing campaign to showcase your organization to our alumni across social media, email, and beyond.

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Post Jobs on PipelineAZ

Advertise your job openings to students, alumni, and Maricopa County residents, while also connecting with the skilled individuals in our community — all without any expense to you!

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Resources Around the District

Alongside the services provided by MCOR, the 10 Maricopa Community Colleges (MCCCD) offer a range of relevant academic programs and support for the IT sector including the one highlighted below.

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Maricopa Information Technology Institute (MITI)

The Maricopa Information Technology Institute (MITI) is a collaboration among colleges within the Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD) that meets the emerging technological workforce’s demand for talent in the areas of blockchain, app development using Swift/Xcode, big data, gaming, cloud computing, mobile and wearable technology, and the Internet of Things.

Course offerings focus on entry and mid-level career readiness for the IT sector, including courses to upskill current workers. Learning opportunities are offered in-person, online, hybrid and in compressed scheduling models to efficiently and effectively ready students to serve local businesses.

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