Online Professional Development


Providing a convenient path to professional development and skill advancement for your team is a win-win. Employees feel valued and appreciated. Employers productivity levels and organizational effectiveness soar.

To support the growth of your employees, we offer hundreds of online, non-credit professional development courses to fill knowledge gaps and enhance employees' skillsets. Whether it is a short course to learn a new skill or a full certification training program, we have you covered.

Plus, you can choose the courses you’d like to make available to your team, and if needed, we can package and retool standard programs to match your culture and the unique needs of your organization!

Online Course Options

Benefits of Online, Non-Credit Courses and Career Training

  • Create your own course list on unique landing pages dedicated to your employees
  • Get your employees up to speed fast in the areas relevant to your needs
  • Cost-effective* and time-efficient
  • Provides hands-on, interactive opportunities to learn
  • Allows employees to learn at their own pace and at a time that’s convenient for them
  • Easy results tracking - see who has completed training and review their scores
  • Easily adjustable for changing needs
  • Increase in employee satisfaction and engagement

*Prices vary depending on selected courses.

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