Industry Sponsored Learning Boot Camps

Instructor working with adult students

Short-term, accelerated learning environments to address industry-identified skill gaps

The boot camp model for learning has become a valuable resource to quickly upskill current and incoming workforce. Our boot camps provide the power of intensive and immersive, hands-on learning with like-minded people working to reach a new level of expertise in a specific area. With input from employers like you, we develop competency-based training and use real project scenarios to ensure that employees can apply their learning once in the workplace.

Organizations may sponsor a boot camp to upskill current employees or to cultivate candidates.  

Boot Camp Sponsorship Benefits

  • Curriculum Development Input: Recommend technical and soft skill competencies needed for the boot camp learning outcomes. 
  • Hiring Needs Fulfillment: Identify your specific hiring needs to match boot camp outcomes with talent acquisition goals.
  • Internships: Select top students for internal internships. Participate in speed interviewing sessions. 
  • Facility Tours: Become a host site for field trips and tours. 
  • Promotion and Brand Awareness: Increase your visibility with logo representation and mentions on all marketing materials. 

Sample Boot Camp Areas of Learning

  • Language and Communication: ESL/SSL Second Language Training, Industry Terminology
  • Customer Service
  • Healthcare and Extended Care 
  • Leadership and Supervision
  • Office Computer Skills
  • Technology: Web Developer, Computer Support, or Custom Skills per Client Specifications and Protocol  
  • Safety and Compliance
  • Security

MCOR Model for Competency-Based Programs

Matching employer needs to solve skill and talent gaps across all industries.


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