Conversational Spanish

Conversational Spanish

Workshop Overview

Anyone who serves another entity or individual has to have excellent communication skills in order for the business to retain its customers. In this 2- or 4-hour workshop, participants will learn key phrases and greetings designed to improve communication with your Spanish-speaking customers and colleagues.

Do your employees have any of these common workforce issues?

  • Employees are unable to communicate direction to their staff
  • Employees can’t collaborate effectively with colleagues and/or customers

Help employees learn to:

  • Improve your Spanish speaking skills
  • Learn common greetings and key phrases relevant to customer service operations
  • Increase your confidence level when speaking Spanish

Course Details

  • Target Audience: Non-Spanish Speakers in Customer Service roles
  • Modality: Face to face
  • Duration: 2 or 4 hours
  • Requirement: Minimum 5 participants
  • Location: F2F can be held at your location or we can facilitate selecting a location.

Empower and transform your workforce today.


Location Flexible: on-site, on-campus or custom
Course type In Person
Start dates TBD