Leadership for New and Mid-Level Managers

Management and Supervision

This two- or four-hour workshop is designed to improve the management and supervisory skills of new and existing mid-level managers and supervisors. This comprehensive workshop is also ideal for employees who have been identified as ready to move into a management or supervisory role. Areas of focus include: time management, managing employee performance, dealing with conflict, recognizing and handling employee relation issues. This workshop builds skills and confidence by providing participants with tools and techniques they can utilize in the day to day working environment.

Do your employees have any of these common workforce issues?

  • Limited management and/or supervisory skills
  • Difficulty managing time and tasks
  • Difficulty managing employee performance and conflict
  • Struggle with employee related issues

Help employees learn to:

  • Identify the core skills of management and supervisory success
  • Better manage their time and workloads
  • Manage employee performance, relations, and reduce employee conflict
  • Lead by example

Course Details

  • Target Audience: New/existing mid-level managers and supervisors
  • Modality: In-person or live streaming

Location Flexible: on-site, on-campus or custom
Course type In Person
Start dates TBD
"Working with the Maricopa Corporate College team has always been a positive experience. The trainers do a fantastic job at incorporating company initiatives and culture into the programs they deliver and are always engaging and professional. Orora will continue to utilize Maricopa Corporate College to supplement our training and development needs and I would highly recommend their services."

Debbie Staats, Regional Human Resources Manager, Orora Business Service Center

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