Jeff Wells, Tuft & Needle
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An Interview with Jeff Wells of Tuft & Needle

Jeff Wells serves as the Vice President of Amazon Strategy at Tuft & Needle and is a guest presenter at the Fall 2017 Leadership Boot Camp.
  • Torrie Taj, Child Crisis Arizona
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    An Interview with Torrie Taj of Child Crisis Arizona

    Torrie Taj serves as the Chief Executive Officer at Child Crisis Arizona and is a guest presenter at the Fall 2017 Leadership Boot Camp.
  • Tracy Bullock
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    An Interview with Tracy Bullock of Sandler Training

    Tracy Bullock serves as the President/Chief Executive Officer at Sandler Training and is a guest presenter at the Fall 2017 Leadership Boot Camp.
  • Otto Siegel
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    An Interview with Otto Siegel of Genius Coaching

    Otto Siegel is an author, nationally known public speaker, Master Certified Coach and is a guest presenter at the Fall 2017 Leadership Boot Camp.
  • Harrison Rogers, HJR Global
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    An Interview with Harrison Rogers of HJR Global

    Harrison Rogers serves as the Chief Executive Officer at HJR Global and is a guest presenter at the Fall 2017 Leadership Boot Camp.
  • Karen Halpert VEREIT
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    An Interview with Karen Halpert of VEREIT, Inc.

    Karen Halpert serves as Senior Vice President, Head of Property Management at VEREIT, Inc and is a guest presenter at the Fall 2017 Leadership Boot Camp.
  • Mindfulness in the Workplace
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    Mindfulness at Work - A magic bullet for employees to thrive in a fast paced work environment

    Today’s work environment has become much more dynamic compared to the last decade.
  • Leaders are learners
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    3 Things You Should Know About the New Era of Emerging Leaders

    With the convergence of a multi-generational workforce, constant technological advancements, a geographically dispersed workforce, and younger leaders, a new era of leadership is emerging.
  • Recent graduate at work
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    5 Expectations New Grads Will Have as They Enter the Workforce

    As graduation season is upon us, a new batch of ready and willing graduates will be entering the workforce. For many of these graduates, they have amassed knowledge and experience and are entering the workforce with some specific expectations.
  • Employee Career Development
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    5 Ways to Invest in Employee Development

    One of my early career setbacks (a.k.a layoff) taught me the value of investing in professional growth on my own or through my employer. After going through that career change, I realized how much of an impact my professional skills and network had on my self-esteem.
  • Learn and Lead
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    7 Things You (as a Leader) Must Do to Increase Learning in Your Organization

    There are many ways a leader can increase learning within his or her organization with a mix of formal and informal actions. Here is a quick list of 7 important things you, as a leader, can do to increase learning within your organization:
  • Web Developer Boot Camp Graduates
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    Here’s Proof You Don’t Need Experience To Enroll In A Coding Boot Camp

    What do an advertising professional/stay-at-home mom, a vending service tech, a middle school math teacher, and an automotive mechanic have in common?
  • USAA
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    [Webinar Recap] Tips to Launch Your Career at USAA

    As part of a partnership with the Maricopa Community Colleges and USAA, we hosted a live webinar last night featuring Gay Meyer, USAA Vice President of HR. Gay shared a little bit about herself and her path to the company as well as some insightful information about work and life at USAA—so much great information that we knew we had to share it beyond those who were able to watch the webinar live.
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    What Triggers an Employee Training Need?

    Training plays a vital role in developing productive employees, finely tuning processes to increase profits, and manage change.
  • Super Bowl LI
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    4 Things Super Bowl LI Can Teach Us About Corporate Training

    Super Bowl LI between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons was one for the record books in many ways. This was the first Super Bowl that went into overtime, Tom Brady became the first quarterback in NFL history to win five Super Bowls, and a few other historic milestones.
  • Web Developer Graduates
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    Meet 3 of Our Recent Web Developer Participants

    Our Web Developer Boot Camp participants come from all different backgrounds. Some have experience in the technology field, while others don't, but by the end of the program everyone is fully prepared to succeed in web development. Meet some of our recent participants and learn more about the paths that led them to this in-demand field.
  • Checklist
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    Boot Camp Checklist: What You Need (And What You Don't)

    With the next session of our Web Developer Boot Camp coming up soon, we thought it would be helpful to provide a checklist of everything you need to succeed! We'll also cover a few of the things you don't need so you're all set for your first day.