Diversity and Inclusion

About This Workshop

This two- or four-hour workshop is designed to define and explore diversity and the effects diversity has on the workplace.  Participants will discuss the importance of inclusion and practice skills necessary to work in a culturally and generationally diverse workforce. Participants will explore their own behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes that create barriers to workplace productivity and inclusion.

Do your employees have any of these common workforce issues?

  • Negative attitudes or beliefs exhibited in regards to others culture, practices, or generation
  • Display inappropriate/unprofessional behavior or communication
  • Negative or hostile working environments
  • Increased grievances and lawsuits filed

Help employees learn to:

  • Identify the importance of diversity in the workplace
  • Understand the impact of stereotypes and inappropriate communication in the workplace
  • Understand the differences between the generations
  • Understand the organizational impact of diversity based bias

Course Details

  • Target Audience: Entry level – senior leadership
  • Modality: In-person or virtual

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