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The Top In-Demand Workplace Skills and How to Develop Them

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It’s no secret that the economy took a hard hit during the COVID-19 pandemic as many businesses came to a halt, laid off employees, furloughed workers, and faced substantial economic downturn. 

While this economic status is extremely challenging, this is also the perfect opportunity to expand your professional skills! With many free and affordable options available, you have plenty of opportunities to enhance both your workplace skills and technical capabilities. Check out our list below for the most in-demand workplace skills and where you can go to enhance them!

Which skills should I develop?

Computer support, mechanical work, marketing, nursing, sales, AI, HVAC, coding… There are a variety of in-demand skills right now, making it difficult to navigate which ones should be at the forefront. So, how do you know where to start? Which skills should you be working on? According to LinkedIn, Forbes, and FastCompany, here are the top skills that employers are looking for, both in 2020 and during the pandemic!

workplace skills technical skills covid-19 workplace skills covid-19
technical skills
Emotional Intelligence
Cloud Computing
Analytical Reasoning
Artificial Intelligence
UX Design
Business Analytics
Affiliate Marketing
Scientific Computing
Video Production
Change Management
Problem Solving
Critical Thinking
Emotional Intelligence
Customer Service
Grocery Retail
Distribution and Fulfillment
Food Service Delivery
Computer Support
Data Analytics
Digital Marketing

Where should I go to develop these skills?

Maricopa Community Colleges

This option may seem obvious, but one of the best places to go when you want to learn something is, well, school! With tons of degrees and certificates, virtual classrooms, free career training, rolling start dates, affordable tuition rates, professional development, non-credit adult learning opportunities, and more, the Maricopa Community Colleges have you covered for nearly every skill you need across hundreds of industries.

Fundraising Academy

Working in the nonprofit sector? Our nonprofit training division, the Fundraising Academy, is a great place to find professional development resources for fundraisers. With free monthly webinars, content videos, blog articles, and more, this is a great way to take your fundraising skills to the next level. 


Udemy is one of the most comprehensive one-stop-shop learning platforms available. With limitless topics to choose from, learners can access a variety of affordable courses on their own time. Topics range from nutrition to health and wellness to IT to marketing to communication and everything in between. 


Although this platform targets youth, this is a great resource for enhancing your workplace skills. Each course is led by an expert professor and is offered in short, bite-sized chunks, usually around 20 minutes in length. You can upskill all day or upskill on your lunch break with topics like personal finance, job application basics, dealing with difficult situations, goal-setting, and more.

HubSpot Academy

HubSpot Academy is primarily focused for the sales and marketing arenas, but these are two great skills to work on right now (see above list for in-demand skills). Even if you aren’t in marketing or sales, understanding how these two departments work could help you become a more well-rounded applicant the next time you apply for a job.  

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is offering a free one-month trial right now, in their effort to mitigate challenges for people during this time. This site presents personalized picks based on your interests and pages you follow, putting you in touch with the courses that will mean the most to you and your career.


TED Talks are fantastic resources for learning about various subjects across many topics. From “the bug that poops candy” to “the history of IQ tests,” there’s a topic here for everyone. Although these two options may be some of TED’s more “out there” videos, they offer talks about business, finance, communication, creativity, leadership, technology, and more.    


Kaplan offers a variety of courses through their Personal and Professional Skills Fitness program with topics ranging from how to work remotely, financial planning, tax impacts of COVID-19, interviewing skills and more. The best part? These courses are all free!

HR Certification Institute (HRCI)

HRCI offers certifications and micro-credentials for HR professionals at affordable, discounted rates. From credentials focused on confidentiality and technology, HR and social media, and more, these programs are a great way to boost your resume and gain credits for your HRCI certification.

Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

This organization offers a variety of HR-related resources perfect for boosting your resume and skillset. With e-learning courses focused on employment law, creating an inclusive workplace, and more, this is a great resource for enhancing your HR skills. Members are offered discounted rates on courses, which are generated from both SHRM and education partners.

Project Management Institute (PMI)

This is the perfect resource for, you guessed it, project managers! Topics include project management basics, introduction to Agile, leadership essentials and more with discounts available for PMI members. Learners also have the opportunity to gain credits for their PMI recertification status and PMP credential.

Want to learn more about growth options for you and your team here at Maricopa Community Colleges? Check out our Employer and Partner Resources page for more information!

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