Grammar for ESL

If English is your second language and you're headed for college, you will find this class to be very valuable. This course will provide you with an in-depth analysis of English grammar and structure so that you will be more prepared to succeed in any class taught in English.

Fee $125
Start dates ‌​Mar 13, 2019 ‌​Apr 17, 2019 ‌​May 15, 2019 ‌​Jun 12, 2019

Course Requirements

This course is designed for intermediate to advanced level ESL students. A basic understanding of English grammar is required.

Instructor Bio

Dr. Sabri Bebawi has been a college teacher for almost 20 years, educating students at many colleges and universities. His educational background includes law, journalism, and English education, with a Ph.D. in education and instructional technology. Dr. Bebawi has worked as a journalist in Europe and in the United States, writing on a wide range of topics.