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Maricopa Community Colleges is Paving the Way for Artificial Intelligence Programs in Higher Education

Artificial Intelligence Teaching and Learning Summit

The Maricopa County Community College District’s (MCCCD) innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) programs provide strategic pathways for students to enter the workforce pipeline.

In collaboration with Intel and the Arizona Commerce Authority, MCCCD launched the nation's first associate degree (AAS) and certificate of completion (CCL) in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in 2020, empowering numerous students to excel in industries such as healthcare, automotive, industrial, and aerospace. These programs expand access to valuable skills across various occupations and industry sectors, ultimately strengthening the nation's workforce, economy, and communities.

Bachelor of Science in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Starting in Fall 2025, Maricopa Community Colleges will expand its AI offerings to include a Bachelor of Science in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning designed to prepare students for careers in the rapidly growing field of AI. This program offers emerging principles and methodologies for building machine learning models used in prediction, decision-making, and optimization. With this degree, graduates can pursue opportunities in industries such as information technology, healthcare, aerospace, and manufacturing. By obtaining a bachelor's degree in AI, students can launch high-tech careers while benefiting from cost-effective education and personalized support.

This program is available at Chandler-Gilbert Community College, providing students with a cutting-edge education in a vibrant and supportive learning environment.

The Artificial Intelligence Teaching and Learning Summit

To further promote the expansion of AI programs and workforce development across the nation, MCCCD, in collaboration with Intel and GPEC, is hosting the first-of-its-kind Artificial Intelligence Teaching and Learning Summit. This event will shine a spotlight on Chandler-Gilbert Community College's and Estrella-Mountain Community College's AI programs, showcasing their innovative approaches to AI education.

Scheduled for October 25-27, 2023, the Summit aims to bring together higher education professionals, faculty, administrators, industry experts, and government liaisons in the AI ecosystem. Attendees will have the opportunity to explore ways of developing robust AI programs with strong workforce pipelines at their institutions through innovative teaching, unique partnerships, and holistic program management. By fostering collaboration and sharing best practices, the Summit aims to drive the advancement of AI education nationwide.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to be part of the journey towards a more connected, intelligent, and inclusive future. Register to attend the Artificial Intelligence Teaching and Learning Summit by September 1 for a 20% discount on conference registration.

Join MCCCD, Intel, and GPEC in revolutionizing the AI landscape and shaping the future of education and workforce development. Together, we can unlock the transformative power of artificial intelligence and empower individuals to thrive in the industries of tomorrow.


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