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Women Forward: Creating New Career Pathways for Women Post-Pandemic

Women Forward
Right now, each of us likely knows a woman who is on the verge of leaving her organization or the workforce altogether. Or you may know a colleague who is trying to figure out the right path back into the workforce.

So, how do we help?

Instead of watching passively as women walk out the door, we need to change the paradigm. We challenge you-–and each other–to prioritize talking to women at every age, throughout their professional career, and not just through traditional HR channels. Let's find out why they've left, if they are at risk of leaving, and what we can do to best support them. Questions you can ask: What is the optimum form of flexibility for you? Have you thought about what your next role is going to be? How can we help you get there?

In the "Creating New Career Pathways for Women Post-Pandemic" webinar, co-hosted by myself and Pat Milligan, EDGE Americas, we heard from incredible women leaders who understand the importance of equitable workplaces. In their respective fields, they make a point of reaching out to connect with, engage, and invest in women.

At Voya Financial, Dena Faccio's passion for equity is driven by data. She lets facts drive the strategy; working to stay nimble and flexible to respond to real-time challenges in pay equity, leadership opportunities, and more.

At Maricopa Corporate College, Alex Kouumdjieva demonstrated the value of reskilling. Invest in your talent and they will add tremendous value to your team.

And at Axon, Lara McLeod encouraged people to lean into the uncomfortable discussions. Model vulnerability and authenticity for your colleagues. It can be a game changer to spark honest conversations, thoughtful reflection, and meaningful change.

What are you doing to pull women in your workforce back into the fold? What is your organization doing? How are you holding them accountable?

These are important questions that we need to ask, and we look forward to exploring them more deeply in our ongoing webinar series.

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