Workforce Webinar: Hospitality Industry

This is a Past Event
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Learn more about workforce needs in the hospitality industry and explore how business is changing with this FREE webinar!

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  • Sintra Hoffman, CEO of WESTMARC
  • Patti O’Brien, Chief Operating Officer of Maricopa Corporate College
  • Matt Brandon, Vice President of Business Expansion of Arizona Commerce Authority
  • Kevin Dumcum, Business Services Supervisor of Arizona@Work
  • Haley Fagerlie, Executive Director of Grand Canyon University
  • Kristy Bach, BestCompaniesAZ
  • Ron Mack, Goodwill

Webinar Topics

  • Where We Are Headed: The Future State of Employment in Hospitality, Tourism and Service Work
  • Employers: How to identify top talent even though they aren’t in your industry
  • Employee of the Future from an Employer perspective: What skills are needed to upskill, retrain, educate, and the experience job seekers need to be successful in the expanded environment during COVID-19 and moving forward.
  • What does the hospitality industry look like in the future
  • Employer Internships: How are interns prepared or need to prepare better and differently to take on meet the needs of current/future
Date Aug 07, 2020
Time 10:00 AM — 11:30 AM
Event Type Webinar
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